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Recommend A Friend


Its a New Year, why not boost your profits and recommend a friend? Do you know someone who doesn't yet buy their eggs from us? See your driver, or give us a call, and ask about our NEW,   RECOMMEND A FRIEND  promotion. 

Put us in touch with a friend and claim your bonus.    They buy - you gain.     Add an EXTRA 5% to your existing discount.

Simply fill in the card, or over the phone, or via our contact section,  quote 'Rip Card Bonus'  and we'll do the rest.

                                                                                                                                          Terms and conditions apply.


Terms And Conditions....


  • The Friend, someone who does not currently trade with us.

  • Your bonus will comense after the first order has been completed. (subject to minimum order of 15 dozen)

  • The bonus will be 5% discount on top of your existing price discount.

  • You can claim a max of 10% extra discount at any one time.

  • The Bonus will be applied for a 3 month period.

  • Any price discounting will only apply to our standard product range. Any special priced offers are fully discounted already and will not be subject to the bonus.

  • In case of disputes, management decision on bonuses will be final.




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