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Local / Traceable / Quality
I have, These Yes Chef Eggs
  are perfect.
Quality and  traceability

" Get me some locally produced  free range fresh farm eggs. I want them fully certified, date stamped and fully traceable ! "

" Yes Chef ! "


Fairseat  Farm Eggs  are proud to offer a new service designed for busy Chefs who demand not only the finest quality eggs, but with full traceability and certification of the product as well.

Date stamping, traceability and certification are becoming more and more important to our customers in the restaurant section and we are pleased to offer a service where we take care of these important factors for you.

Yes Chef Eggs are sourced by us from carefully selected local producers who we can guarantee meet all the required standards of production, welfare and testing as required by DEFRA.

The eggs are supplied individually stamped, with a best before date if needed,

for your convenience in the kitchen.  The boxes are sealed and labelled as normal and then an extra label is added to the box and the invoice to allow traceability back to the producer should it ever be required. Doing this, even when all the eggs have been used, it is still possible to trace the source.

We can also supply you with copies of Animal Health technical inspection reports and salmonella testing reports for your records. Most customers request these once a year so they have something on file to show during environmental health office inspections.

We also provide a certificate for your records or display purposes.

The eggs are available in three sizes, 5,15, or 30 dozen .

Deliveries are arranged to suit you.


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Yes Chef Eggs...

Full egg traceability...
Yes Chef Eggs, available in 5 doz units, multiples of, 15 doz units, 30 dozen units.
The Yes Chef label.
Available in various units for your stock requirement.
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