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Fairseat Farm Eggs as a company have produced eggs for many years. We had never produced enough to service all our customers. We therefore have over many years, developed close relationships with several local farms to provide the eggs you all have been used to receiving.


With that said, last October one of our largest suppliers of colony eggs, Kinswood Eggs, a farm we have traded with for over 30 years, has with great sadness, been forced to stop producing eggs.

They have had a case of Avian Influenza (bird flu) detected on their farm. The result of which means that the entire chicken population unfortunately was destroyed to eradicate this disease in the birds, and prevent this from spreading to other farms.

The site has been sterilised, and we now know they won't be returning to production.


This has clearly come as a severe loss of to our supply chain, and while we attempt to replace this egg, it will mean that certain products in our line will be missing or in short supply. It is still early days, and it is proving very difficult to add another permanent supply.

Please note, one of our replacement suppliers does trade in eggs from the EU, and while we will always try and keep to a local supply as much as possible, some of our egg packets will contain eggs from this supply.


We would like to thank all our customers for your patience going forward. Eggs are in short supply nationally and all over Europe because of the effect of this disease, and the current economic situation we all find ourselves in.

The cost of rearing and feeding birds has meant a lot of egg producers have moved away from farming altogether with the rising energy, feed, fuel costs, packaging etc, taking its toll.

We are working hard to hopefully supply all our customers with eggs as before, but this will obviously mean more price adjustments as our supply moves forward. Please continue to check for price changes.

Our other supply partners for the free range, barn and organic eggs we provide are all still in place, but they are all feeling this economic stress and are at risk from this same disease. Lets hope that no one else is put into this terrible position.


Best Regards

Steve and all the team at Fairseat Farm Eggs

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